Tomajazz Interviews Anthony Braxton

After an intense concert last October at "el Johnny" – the almost mythical jazz club at the San Juan Evangelista students' halls of residence in Madrid – Anthony Braxton was kind enough to meet Diego Sánchez Cascado, Pachi Tapiz and Fernando Ortiz de Urbina for a (very) early chat the next morning.

In person and with no music hardware at hand, Braxton's professorial appearance gets to the fore, apparently providing a more accurate and balanced view of his persona. His speech is articulated in a way that’s strikingly similar to his music: it is overwhelming because it carries plenty of information in a very structured way, although this may not be perceived immediately. However, this is balanced by a warm gentleness, an unassuming, almost self-effacing attitude, and a surprising sense of humour (we did laugh quite a lot)... Continuar leyendo en Tomajazz

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